A little bit about me:

Hi! I'm Lily, your friendly neighbor photographer! I'm based out of DC, New York and Los Angeles and as you can probably tell,I love traveling. I've lived in all three areas in the last three years but very recently moved to sunny L.A! Although I live in L.A now, I go back to NY and DC so often that I can still comfortably say I feel like a local in all those places and am happy to have a bicoastal lifestyle. 


-A good cappuccino
-Slow mornings with the husband
-Food. Especially asian food
-That beach life
-Late night conversations and good wine
-Movies, all types, including horror!
-Visiting my family in the Canary Island



-Real emotion
-Chillness and good vibes
-Connection with those around me
-Serving over using

Why I do what I do:

I believe that love is the answer. I believe love and connection is what we are here for, and what will remain after we are gone.
I've always loved stories. Stories of people, the emotions and the moments that seem almost impossible to describe in words. There are moments we want to engrave and archive in our mind and hearts so we can relive them again and again.
The look on your mother's face as she watches you from the corner as you put on your wedding shoes. Your hands clasping tenderly on your spouses back as you embrace.
Feelings flowing in the air as you dance for the first time as husband and wife in the summer breeze. 
I want to help you do that. Let me freeze time, I'll be there to capture those moments you'll forever cherish.