Jessie and Doug // Casual Brooklyn Engagement Session

I know Jessie and Doug from mutual friends in Upstate New York. When they contacted me to photograph their wedding last spring, I was pretty excited. I've been following Jessie's Instagram and had her amazing calligraphy and design work and knew that both Doug and her were super chill from what I'd heard from our mutual friends.
My dream clients are people whom our personalities and aesthetic match. I met them for the first time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I was down there for a couple days and I can confidently say, they are pretty much it. Jessie, Doug, my husband Boaz and I just had a really great time connecting over coffee talking about life, new careers for Doug and Boaz, design and such, then strolled around the Williamsburg area for photos. 
Needless to say, I can't wait to photograph them again in their fall wedding coming up in October. So stay tuned! 

Hanging around Phoenix with Allie

The day after the anniversary shoot, I hung out with Allie again. We roamed around downtown, felt inspired by all the cool colored walls and took some photos of her to use as headshots for her photography website! These are some of them. Are you feelin' all the minimalist vibes? 

Allie+Buddy // Phoenix Anniversary Session

It was a last minute decision to hop on the plane and visit Phoenix for a week for a conference. When in Arizona, a photo shoot in the desert is always a must so as soon as I booked to ticket, I got connected to Allie and Buddy through a mutual friend. 
They had been married several years already and their anniversary was coming up. Long story short, we planned on an anniversary session in the desert of the Lost Dutchman State Park at 6:30 in the morning. They were super fun people to hang out with and the park was breathtaking. Conclusion: we had a blast and it was a total success! 10/10 would do this again :D

P.S.- Allie is also a talented photographer. Check out her work here:


Portrait Session // Erin. K

We got connected to Erin through Instagram. We both stumbled upon each other's accounts probably through local DC hashtags. Well, soon enough, we set up a date to photograph each other and hang out around Georgetown. She took photos of Boaz and I , you can see her amazing work here: and I took a couple of hers! 
Here's to finding other creatives through social media that makes life so much more fun and thanks to Erin for hanging out and taking lovely photos of Boaz and I!