Chloe + Daniel / Wedding in Virginia

Chloe and Daniel got married on a beautiful Virginia property on a rainy fall day. Fortunately, we got all of our portraits done right before it started pouring! Although they had to change their plans to have the ceremony outdoors at the last minute, Chloe and Daniel didn't mind. They were just excited to get married and celebrate with their loved ones! 
If this doesn't show you how chill and down to earth they are, I don't know what will! Couples like these two who really just care about the important things in life inspire me. It gives me total confidence that this is how they will go about life together: Focusing on the important things in life: each other and those they love. Everything else is just a bonus. 
I'm so honored to have witnessed their love and the way them and their whole family and loved ones celebrated them. 

Loaz TangComment