Maggie and Shinny

Shinny and Maggie are friends I've gone through thick and thin with. I met both of them in college and ever since, we've been doing life together. We've let each other into the hardest parts of our lives, the most joyful ones and the daily in and out of life as well. 
Well now that we live in different cities, NYC and DC, we sometimes visit each other. This week was one of them! We decided we should do something fun and creative so a styled shoot sounded like the best idea. 
Maggie has recently launched her new website for her design and event coordinating business. (Check it out here: So we thought we'd have Shinny model and Maggie to design (and also model) and I'd photograph it. 
It turned out to be just a super fun day were we laughed through the entire shoot and made some photos I'm sure our mutual friends will ask if they have finally gotten together. :D (which they have not, they are single y'all!) 
So there, enjoy!

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